Mario Rossi Dallas Mall Sz 9.5 Made in Leather Apron Toe Italy Mens Oxford Mario,Rossi,Apron,Leather,/exceptionable933938.html,Mens,in,9.5,,$14,Clothing, Shoes Accessories , Men , Men's Shoes , Dress Shoes,Toe,,Made,Sz,Italy,Oxford Mario,Rossi,Apron,Leather,/exceptionable933938.html,Mens,in,9.5,,$14,Clothing, Shoes Accessories , Men , Men's Shoes , Dress Shoes,Toe,,Made,Sz,Italy,Oxford $14 Mario Rossi Sz 9.5, Made in Italy Oxford Mens Leather Apron Toe Clothing, Shoes Accessories Men Men's Shoes Dress Shoes Mario Rossi Dallas Mall Sz 9.5 Made in Leather Apron Toe Italy Mens Oxford $14 Mario Rossi Sz 9.5, Made in Italy Oxford Mens Leather Apron Toe Clothing, Shoes Accessories Men Men's Shoes Dress Shoes

Ranking TOP7 Mario Rossi Dallas Mall Sz 9.5 Made in Leather Apron Toe Italy Mens Oxford

Mario Rossi Sz 9.5, Made in Italy Oxford Mens Leather Apron Toe


Mario Rossi Sz 9.5, Made in Italy Oxford Mens Leather Apron Toe

Item specifics

Condition: Pre-owned: An item that has been used or worn previously. See the seller’s listing for full details and ... Read moreabout the condition Department: Men
Brand: Mario Rossi Pattern: Solid
Country/Region of Manufacture: Italy Type: Dress
Style: Oxfords Color: Brown
Shoe Width: M Upper Material: Leather
US Shoe Size (Men's): 9.5 Occasion: Dress or Business
Mario Rossi made in Italy brown Leather Apron Toe design dress/business shoes. Quality Built. Good Condition.Men size US 9.5

Mario Rossi Sz 9.5, Made in Italy Oxford Mens Leather Apron Toe


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